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Piedmont has four distinct seasons but in general possesses a Mediterranean feel, strongly influenced by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. Winters are short and cold. Spring and autumn are long and warm, while the summer is hot and dry.


Make sure to relax at the pool or be active playing beachvolleyball and boule in our garden. Tennis facilities are available for rent in Cessole and Vesime.

Southern Piedmont is a beautiful region of Italy, renowned for its rolling hills that are covered with a multitude of vineyards and extensive woods.
The area is full of picturesque villages, as well as the cities of Acqui Terme, Alba, Asti, Bra and Turin, which are just waiting to be explored.

It is also a region with many castles, towers and other buildings of historical interest. In the summer months many of the surrounding villages hold traditional markets and festivals.

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For the walking enthusiast and for those who are in good shape and like to ride the mountainbike, there are virtually unlimited possibilities to enjoy the region's unspoilt countryside.
You can start the tour direct from our yard, passing through the vineyards and the beautiful landscape.

From the nearby tower of Roccaverano you can see the great panoramic view of the Alps.
We can provide excellent tourmaps and tourguides.

With over 40 clubs located throughout the region, Piedmont is one of the regions of Italy with the highest concentration of golf courses. In fact some of the clubs in Piedmont are cited as being among the best in Europe in leading specialist magazines every year. Piedmont also holds the record of having five of Italy’s top golfcourses.
From Sestrière, which has the highest 18-hole golf course in Europe, to Lake Maggiore, there is a wide and extremely varied choice, so anyone from beginners to expert players can be sure to find what they need. And if you have not yet started playing, but interested in learning, a tour of Piedmont and its practice greens will give you the right stimulus for beginning and learning to love the sport.


Cascina Marenco
Cascina Marenco

Outdoor markets are some of the most interesting places in Italy. Visit one and have a fun bargain in english, italian, bodysign language or any combination of the above.
Here is a partial calendar of outdoor markets held i southern Piedmont.

*Mondays Asti, Mango
*Tuesdays Acqui Terme, Canelli
*Wednesdays Santo Stefano Belbo
*Thursdays Monastera Bormida
*Fridays Acqui Terme, Cortemilia
*Saturdays Alba, Vesime

In addition, the mediterranean coast is also within easy driving distance of the property. The lovely city of Noli is about 1 hr drive away.

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Cascina Marenco

Cascina Marenco

Piedmont is home to some of the world`s most respected award winning wines such as Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto and Asti Spumante among many others. The 12 Wine Cellars of the Region – Enoteche Regionale open their doors every year to thousands and thousands of Italians and foreign tourists as well as good wine lovers who want to get to know the precious products from Piedmont oenology. They are the ideal showcase to put local producers on display and a reference point for worshippers of Piedmont wine, but they also house small etnographic wine-growing and wine- producing museums and restaurants that offer the best of the Piedmont cuisine.

Enoteche Regionale...

Among the many local wineries you can visit is our neighbour...Franco Cresta, who has a wide selection of wines made of Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato grapes. And he has of course a very good Grappa.

The region is world famous for its white truffles which attract thousands of tourists each year to celebratory festivals during autumn, the most famous of which ist held in Alba.


You can buy truffles or join guided tours with a trufflehunter- trifolaù- and his dog any time of year except in May. We we can book the trufflehunt for you.

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  Cascina Marenco

Cascina Marenco

Last but not least...Piedmont is a paradise for gourmets.

At the restaurant you will often experience that no menu is provided. The waiter will present specialities of the day as he goes along. Often local traditional food will be served.
The meal begins with hot and cold starters, followed by at least four dishes and sometimes as many as ten.
Then they serve primo like pasta dishes or risotto which is very popular.
Thereafter they serve secondo which is usually various meat dishes, boar, rabbit, hare or deer.
At the end of the meal excellent cheeses and desserts are served.

*At the table...


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